Your dog needs to pay attention to you in order to train him
You want me to do  – what?

My classes are designed to build the focus, communication and connection that will be the foundation of your dog’s relationship with you, his good manners and his feeling of comfort in the world.

We learn about the choreography of training – how to speak, move and reward so your dog can understand. It’s not always obvious. We learn to decipher our dogs’ behavior. We talk about how dogs learn so we can understand better how to teach them.

In all classes, I emphasize getting it right instead of getting it quickly. Dogs need to learn the fundamentals so they don’t fall apart when life gets challenging.

Each class has set topics and I also tailor the class to the needs of the participants – and make sure that training is enjoyable.

Most classes are offered on a rotating basis.

I offer phone and email check-ins as part of the class in case owners need additional assistance.