Norbert and His Birthday Treat
A Therapy Dog

I meet with you in your home. First we talk – about your dog, your goals and about training and behavior. I observe your dog and work with him, if possible. Then it’s your turn. I help you understand his behavior and work with him effectively. You are the trainer. Together we make a plan and I encourage you to check back with me between sessions if you need clarification or assistance.

When you need a home consultation

-have no idea what to do with your new puppy – and you are starting to get panicked
-are a novice dog owner or it’s been a while since you’ve had a dog
-have a rescue dog you are trying to get to know
– want to take your dog’s training (and yours) to the next step

Your dog or puppy
– is eating you, your children or your furniture
– is feeling anxious or uncomfortable in certain situations
– is so excited by visitors he can’t control himself at the door
-does not pay attention to you out of doors when a squirrel or ball is nearby
– is uncomfortable with human or canine visitors
-lunges and barks at the end of the leash at other dogs or people
-growls at humans – or bites
-does not come when called
-is afraid of noises, garbage bags, trucks – the vacuum cleaner
– has manners that need a bit of refinement
– having accidents in the house
-thinks a walk is when he gets to drag you down the street